Our Church: Brief History

In the year 1970, God ask Rev Oshevire James  Onomafuru founder of Emmanuel Trinity Church of God with his wife Mary Owhezimejuwe Oshevire in the western region of  Nigeria were he live most of  his life till God ask him to leave the church and return to his hometown for a new assignment. Which he obeyed and started worshiping with the Anglican church till the month of September (1974). One of the Sundays, a deity feast was held called Ebeowure in Enhwe which women are not permitted to see for any reason if a woman sees it she become automatically barren in life, on this faithful  Sunday the priests and the carriers were out with the deity, women started running out of the church in fear not to see it and become barren, Rev Oshevire James Onomafuru  he saw what was happening and was angry that women running out of the church of God in fear of this deity. He quickly ask his wife to come out of the same church to see the deity which she did and the deity priest laid curse on her saying she will be barren in life and Rev Oshevire James Onomafuru replied the priest that in nine (9) months time his wife will conceive and have a baby, but the priest will never carry that deity anymore.  Nine months later his wife gave birth to a son called Emmanuel Oghenekome Oshevire.  with a directive that he is priest who will destroy every idol works and should be name Oghenekome                                                                     In view of this, the man of God was born June 6, 1975 in Enhwe, Isoko south local government area of Delta state, Nigeria.

PASTOR EMMANUEL OGHENEKOME OSHEVIRE Was called out of the Anglican communion to join the redeem christian church of God to learn humility for the preparation of this vision given to him by God before time. Then he received the final directive to proceed on this vision

EDUCATION AND PASTORIA CARRIER  He attended Oviota primary school Enwhe, Enhwe comprehensive high school Enhwe and later wrote his SSCE in Eradajaye secondary school Adagbrassa, he obtain Bachelor of Art Education in Religion Studies Delta State University Abraka, Wofbi Winners and School of mission Redeemed Christian Church of God were he pastored from [2006/2010] Delta province[2] kings court area Okwabude parish.


               ABOUT  THE CHURCH


At about past midnight on the 1st January 2011, I Pastor Emmanuel Oghenekome oshevire and my wife Faith oshevire joined our hands prayed, declared and called forth the church as named by GOD. Though it was indoor, because God already asked us to move urgently to Benin to start the ministry activities.

Which was really difficult for us because I was in school, two hundred level at department of Arts Education in  Religious Studies Delta State University Abraka  while my wife was already a graduate with Bsc Business Administration, Edo State University Ekpoma and also with a new born baby, our senior daughter, Emmanuella. Moving to Benin was a challenge to our life and the family because how will i pay our bill, school fees and transport to school from benin to warri but my wife keep on begging me before she marry me, but I disobey the call which course me disfigure hand in as much as i am her husband she would not wait for the second time she will carry our daughter and move to Benin wherever she could found herself, she will stay for the signs were so clear

However in January 2012, I came to Benin and rented a room a apartment at No 24 Enogie Street Benin City for six months. On the 4th of February 2012, I succeeded in moving to Benin with my wife Faith Oshevire and our only daughter Emmanuella as at then. we arrived at Benin with the sum of one thousand three hundred naira only with us

Surprisingly GOD took cares of our fear in his own ways, my first journey to school for lectures God cause me to meet a young man that is a sales representative to lantern books publishers by name Emmanuel Odianosen Okoeguale from Esan Edo State who took me as his own brother, he take me to school and bring me back without paying not minding that, he has not known me before, he carried me all through the remaining years of study when ever he is not around, i pray and believing God for a means of transportation to school, and within a while he will quickened someone to help me. also other three family whom God were using to pay my school fees and other bills, the family of Commander Monday Unurhlere, Victor Okon Bassy and Ebeneezer Ifeanyi Ebeneezer who gave us the money for the first musical instrument

On of 12th February the same year, we officially started the church in this one room for  three weeks. We got an uncompleted building at Imade Street, where we continued the activities of the church in the face of this hardship, in the fourth month, the lord asked us to vacate the house. We then moved to No 38  enogie street Benin city. This time we rented a  room for our self and store for the church. thereafter God revealed to us to move to ekae and  obe. We had no knowledge of ekae or obe. We had to ask questions to locate the area and got the present place that we are now, located at this time of writing this narrative in 2019.