Do not allow your life, vision, pursue, dreams and aspirations be subject to people’s opinions, what people have said, will say or will feel, that you will not be discourage and been cut shut in view of your present level of life and lost the voice of God and what God is saying,For nobody can understand it, picture it the way you imaging it in your heart, until you manifest it or bring it to reality, because your mind is personal likewise other people mind, whatever they say and will say is based on their mind opinion BUT DON’T FORGET TO SEEK GOD OPINION FOR HIS OPINION IS RIGHT 1st cor 2vs9-15

God still chooses for his own prov 3v1-8 thought the level to which you allowed GOD to have his way in your life shows how much you love him, now yield to the lord in every area you have been battling with his choice for his choice for you, and you will not regret it

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