1Samuel23v2-13 Therefore David inquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah. 3 And David’s men said unto him, Behold, we be afraid here in Judah: how much more then if we come to Keilah against the armies of the Philistines? 4 Then David inquired of the LORD yet again. And the LORD answered him and said, Arise, go down to Keilah: for I will deliver the Philistines into thine hand. 5 So David and his men went to Keilah, and fought with the Philistines, and brought away their cattle, and smote them with a great slaughter. So David saved the inhabitants of Keilah. 6 And it came to pass, when Abiathar the son of Ahimelech fled to David to Keilah, that he came down with an ephod in his hand. 7 And it was told Saul that David was come to Keilah. And Saul said, God hath delivered him into mine hand; for he is shut in, by entering into a town that hath gates and bars. 8 And Saul called all the people together to war, to go down to Keilah, to besiege David and his men. 9 And David knew that Saul secretly practiced mischief against him; and he said to Abiathar the priest, Bring hither the ephod. 10 Then said David, O LORD God of Israel, thy servant hath certainly heard that Saul seeketh to come to Keilah, to destroy the city for my sake. 11 Will the men of Keilah deliver me up into his hand? will Saul come down, as thy servant hath heard? O LORD God of Israel, I beseech thee, tell thy servant. And the LORD said, He will come down. 12 Then said David, Will the men of Keilah deliver me and my men into the hand of Saul? And the LORD said, They will deliver thee up. 13 Then David and his men, which were about six hundred, arose and departed out of Keilah, and went whithersoever they could. It is proven that God is a prayer answering God at any level of time and deriving pleasure in his people seeking him as their ally. These necessitate God in responding to all that diligently call on him. Our above passage revel to us how king David seek the lord for guidance and he got answers because he sees himself helpless, wanted to know every point in time what to do in other not to experience a shot fall provisions and protections which should be applicable to us at every point of our life, for safety is of the lord. Their friends in beholding time and chance it required knowledge i mean insight ahead to be able to recognize it hence it can be under mind or underrated as it might not look like one at most times. In this we required the all-knowing God to keep us inform, not to portal depression, anger, being confused with murmuring because it occur most times suddenly when not expected. For example if not divine guidance that give David courage against the Philistines he and his men would have keep to their fear and lost the time and chance of all they recovered that made them wealthy and popularize him in extent to the knowledge of soul try to pursuer him. Beloved in excess of all let us adopt ourselves to praying to God to arrange our time and chance to be recognizable to us for us not to missed it, as it is the only way that can transform a man life.
1Samuel30v7-11 And David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech’s son, I pray thee, bring me hither the ephod. And Abiathar brought thither the ephod to David. 8 And David inquired at the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? Holy Spirit input in me your grace to be patience in severity in responding over issues that come around my life and family in thy name of Jesus
2.Shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: Holy Spirit impart in me your conscious wisdom to alien my life to seeking you and receiving answers before acting in all things in thy mighty name of Jesus
3. For thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all. Holy Spirit transforms me to be in tune to hear you expressly in thy mighty name of Jesus
4. 9 So David went, he and the six hundred men that were with him, courageous to act in accordance of your will in thy name of Jesus
5. And came to the brook Besor, where those that were left behind stayed. Oh lord uphold me, my family and your church not to be a sores of loophole rather a stronghold, strengths of defending and winning soul to the fulfillments of your kingdom in thy mighty name of Jesus
6. 10 But David pursued, he and four hundred men: for two hundred abode behind, which were so faint that they could not go over the brook Besor. Oh lord quacking me with your divine nature to discover the loophole of the enemies to at run them and disposes them and take possession in thy name of Jesus

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