For David, “after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep… Acts 13″:36 Ensure that you glorify God in everything you do.
In those days,there was a man called Elvis Presley, ‘the king of rock’ as he was called. He was raised in church. I once listened to his recorded performance of the Christian hymns: Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art with his deep baritone voice combined with amazing vocal effects; it was awesome and impactful. But afterwards, he drifted and handed himself to the devil; he started singing songs that glorified the devil. Consequently, he died on drugs; Elvis Presley faded away in shame because he decided to glorify the devil with his potential.
There are many people today who are glorifying the devil with what was graciously given to them by God. How could a person use the voice that Jehovah gave him for the worship of His Name, to sing immoral songs glorifying the devil? Why would God give you voice, wisdom, graces, etc., and you use it to celebrate His enemy, satan, the devil? How would you stand before God on Judgment day?
There are people who have the gift of making people laugh but they are making unclean jokes. Some of the jokes are full of lies and even insulting God. You do not need to tell lies to make jokes; there are clean, healthy humours that can make a heart merry and do well like medicine.
Beloved, ensure that you glorify God in everything you do. Never use your God-given gift to the glory of the devil or for ordinary entertainment without impacting lives positively. Ensure you can defend how you use your potential before God.
That is why you need to be clothed, And have clothed yourselves with the new [spiritual self], which is [ever in the process of being] renewed and remolded into [fuller and more perfect knowledge upon] knowledge after the image (the likeness) of Him Who created it (Colossians 3:10 AMPC).
As you receive God’s Word into you, your spirit is renewed, refreshed and polished a new; you glow more and more! It’s the reason you must let the Word of God dwell in you richly, because the more you know him, the more you become like him, living like him which energizes your gift to reflects Him to His glory.
1. Every satanic mermaid voice crying against my life, destiny and glory to bring me down through tears and confusion in the dream or Physical catch fire. Act 16: 16 – 18
2. Oh lord raise up voices to speak for me in the place of attention Gen 41: 9, 2 King 6:9
3. Father at thy word I receive my liberty from every form of family pattern in the of Jesus
4. Ye satanic conspirator over my destiny and opportunities to fight my good works catch fire. Act 16: 19 – 26
5. Ye dark coverage covering my life with issues to becloud me from seeing through, you are a liar, I am a light and I overcome you by the blood of Jesus and shine forth through the spirit of the lord. Rev 12: 11, 2 Cor 3- 17
6. Father open my eyes of understanding to comprehend the specific assignment you have for me in life.
7. Ye power, authorities assigned to ruined my understanding to turn upside down for me to suffer, misunderstand issues, acting before thinking you are liar catch fire and die, and ye my eyes of understanding be enlighten in the name of Jesus.

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