Goal & Mission


[1]. Pulling down every strong hold of darkness and their alters physically and spiritually, setting them and their idols works on fire JERE 10V1 to end Deut7v5, 1king13v2 EXODUS 20V1-10

[2]That through the teaching of the word and prayers youths, men and women might FOCUS ON GOD WHOM ALL FAMILY IN HEAVEN AND EARTH ARE NAME AFTER, FOR DIVINE MARITAL DIRECTION 1CORIN 2V9-16

[3]. To reach the hole world with the gospel of our lord JESUS

[4] To return all that believe bark to GOD in divine relationship
and fellowship with GOD 1JOHN 1V3

[5]. To create or generate institutions that bridge the gap between
the rich and the poor also the weak

[6] .To show the world the unspeakable riches in Christ Jesus Eph3v8


[1]. Teaching sin unto death, confession unto repentance , salvation unto life in Christ Jesus and eternal life Act 5v 12-16

[2] To incorporate all families in peace,love and trust in GOD and them self, with the heart of understanding to be able to discern good or bad ISAIAH 3V9

[3]. Teaching the dangers of idols worship and all their related services that they may be able to surrender their idols, that it can be destroyed JERE 10V1 to end ACT 19V19, 2PET 3V6

[4]. Teaching the testimony of Jesus the spirit of prophecy in the demonstration of his power Rev 19v10

[5]. That all who believe in our lord Jesus be baptized in mansion and of the HOLY GHOST Mark16v16

[6] .That all that believe are able to fellowship with him as our father that we hear him as children JOHN 10V 26-29, ROM 8V14-15
;JERE 32V38

[6] For all men, kingdoms and natures to acknowledge that power belong to GOD, for he owns the final say