goals and missions


[1]. Pulling  down  every  strong  hold of  darkness and  their alters physically and spiritually, setting them  and  their  idols  works on  fire   Deut7v5,  1kinng13v2

[2]. To  reach  the hole  world with the gospel of  our lord JESUS CHRIST  MARK 16V15

[3] To  return  all  that  believe bark  to  GOD  in divine relationship and fellowship with GOD1JOHN 1V3

[4]. To create or generate institutions that bridge the gap between the rich and the poor also the weak

[5]  .To  show the world  the unspeakable riches in  Christ Jesus Eph3v8


[1]. Teaching sin unto  death, confession unto repentance , salvation   unto  life  in Christ  Jesus and eternal life Act 5v 12-16

[2]. Teaching the dangers of  idols   worship and all their related services that  they may be able to surrender their idols, that it can be  destroyed ACT 19V19, 2PET 3V6

[3].  Teaching the  testimony of Jesus the  spirit of prophecy in  the demonstration of  his power Rev 19v10

[4]. That all  who believe in our lord Jesus be baptized in  mansion  and  of  the HOLY GHOST Mark16v16

[5] .That  all  that believe are  able  to  fellowship   with him as our  father that  we hear him  as children  JOHN 10V 26-29, ROM 8V14-15 ;JERE 32V38

[6] For all men, kingdoms  and natures to acknowledge that power belong to GOD, for he owns the final say

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