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and he said, Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not Gen28v16b
Off Km 8 Benin Sapele Road Ekae Benie City Edo State Nigeria
Host Pst Oshevire Emmanuel Senior Pastor
Let Take a case study What Nonsense…!?
I Can’t Say Sorry for Nothing
Son: Dad, I want to get married
Dad: First, Tell me you are sorry
Son: For what?
Dad: Say sorry
Son: But for what? What did I do?
Dad: Just say sorry
Son: But, What have I done wrong?
Dad: I said, say sorry
Son: Why?
Dad: Say Sorry!!
Son: Please. Just tell me why?!
Dad: Say sorry.
Son: OK Dad, I am sorry
Dad: Uhun.. You’ve just qualified for Marriage.
When U Learn 2 Say Sorry 4 No Reason At All
then u’re ready 2 get married! This is how so many of us keep on asking what will i thank God, when God ask us to thank him, the truth is on till you are thankful your tank can not be full
Have you think of this that, The man who officiated your wedding, blessed your marriage and today you have children, is the same man who officiated and blessed others’ marriages but they are still crying for children and some eventually ended up with a divorce……
Be grateful. The prayer God answered for you, is the same prayer others have been saying without success yet…….
Be grateful. The road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road many others died on…….
Be grateful. The place which you worship and God blessed you, is the same place other people worship in but their lives are still in discord & shambles…….
Be grateful. The bed you used in the hospital, got healed and discharged, is the same bed many other people died on…
Be grateful. The conditions you went through and came out alive, hundreds have gone through it this year alone and they are dead and forgotten…….
Be grateful. The same rain that made your field produce good crops, is the same rain that destroyed someone’s field…. Be grateful. _Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your might, or your qualifications, but rather by the Grace and Will of Almighty God
Always Be grateful. The fact that you can read this info be grateful. Can you see, hear, smell, taste or feel? Remember! He is the Giver of everything you have.

Be *Grateful*to God for all He hath done and for those yet undone?
BE GRATEFUL If you want things to change, you will have to change them. Today talk to God and start thanking God now ; he knows how to heal stress fractures.

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