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[2/22, 7:28 AM] 919063: *INSPIRATION*
(Giving direction to your day)
*Ola Aina*

Saturday 22nd February, 2020


*Text: “Run now, I pray thee, to meet her, and say unto her, is it well with thee? Is it well with thy husband? Is it well with thy child? And she answered, it is well.” 2 King 4:26*

*Agreeing with God in every situation irrespective of what is happening around you -* This woman in our anchor scripture lost her only son. It must have been a devastating experience for her. The natural thing would have been for her to be crying and confused. The prophet sent a message to her to find out what was wrong and she stated categorically “it’s well”. Why will she say that when it’s obvious that her child was dead. She simply took side with God. She was not denying what happened, she was simply agreeing with God rather than the situation.
When things have gone wrong around you it’s never an indication that things have gone wrong with God. God’s position never changes. If you agree with your situation you have given the enemy an edge over you. One thing that reveal that you are agreeing with your situation is when the problem dictates what you say and how you respond. It’s obvious that the death of the child did not dictate this woman’s response. She responded in faith not minding what people will say.
The scriptures speaks about Abraham that “And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb.” Rom 4:19.
He did not agree with his situation but rather with what God has said.
God has said you are the head and not the tail; agree with God even though you are at the lowest ebb in life. The word says we are blessed with all spiritual blessings, so we can go ahead and declare that we are blessed even though we don’t have a bank account to our name. Please agree with God today.

Lord I agree with your word as the final say over every issue of my life. Whatever you have said is the final authority on my life.

*LEARN MORE:* Amos 3:3, Lk 1:38

*PRAYER REQUEST: Lord cause your people to behold wondrous things out of your word daily. Psalm 119:18*


[2/22, 7:28 AM] 919063: Winning life’s battles (6)

Saturday 22nd February 2020

‘Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord.’ 2 Chronicles 20:21 NIV

Sixth, thank God in advance. Imagine standing on a mountaintop looking across a valley towards a mountain on the other side. A big battle is about to take place down below. On one mountain, three enemy nations are poised and waiting to devastate Israel. The Israelites are on your mountain and their leader Jehoshaphat tells them, ‘Here’s God’s battle plan. All of those who sing in the choir, I want you out front.’ So the army goes marching into battle with the choir on the front line singing praises to God. Did the plan work? Yes. The opposing armies got confused and ended up killing each other – and all God’s people had to do was divide up the plunder! Why did God do it this way? As a visual object lesson to teach us to praise him in faith even before the victory takes place.

When you pray, ‘Lord, I know I have problems, but I thank you in advance because there’s no situation you can’t take care of,’ three things happen: (1) Your atmosphere changes. You no longer feel afraid because you have the assurance of God’s presence. (2) Your attitude changes. You begin to say, ‘Lord, this may be too big for me, but it’s not too big for you.’ (3)Your approach changes. Instead of speaking words of doubt, you start speaking words of faith. And because your faith honours God, he honours your faith and the battle begins to turn in your favour.

And here’s another important key to victory: don’t just praise God for a while and then quit; keep praising him until your breakthrough comes.


[2/22, 7:37 AM] 919063: Today’s SOD – 2020-02-22

SCRIPTURE: And do not [for a moment] be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries,”for such [constancy and fearlessness] will be a clear sign (proof and seal) to them of [their impending] destruction, but [a sure token and evidence] of your deliverance and salvation, and that from God. Philippians 1″:28 (AMP) 

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: To be fearless is to keep company with God; to be fearful is to keep company with the devil.

Yesterday,”we saw that one of the weapons of the devil against the children of God is the weapon of fear. To be trapped by fear is to be positioned for destruction by the enemy. We also saw the reasons to avoid the trap of fear at all cost.

Beloved, if you are to avoid fear, embrace fearlessness. And today we shall be seeing the virtues of fearlessness.

1. Fearlessness delivers unbeatable strength. 

In Proverbs 28″:1,”the Bible says, the wicked flee when no man pursues but the righteous are bold as a Lion. 

So, the Lion is bold and fearless. And Proverbs 30″:30 tells what that fearlessness offers the lion: A lion which is strongest among beasts,”and turneth not away for any battle….So, to be fearless is to be strong. That is a straight line equation”: the Lion is bold,”and because the Lion is bold, it is strong. It does not turn away from any challenge. So, fearlessness is a raw material for strength.

2. Fearlessness, boldness, courage attracts the Presence of God. 

If you refuse to fear, you will experience God’s company (Amos 3″:3); He will go with you into battles (1 Chronicles 28:20). The Presence of God is palpable with the fearless. To be fearless is to keep company with God; to be fearful is to keep company with the devil.

3. Fearlessness,”boldness or courage guarantees the destruction of the adversary (Philippians 1″:28)

Fearlessness confirms the destruction of the adversary.

Receive the baptism of the spirit of fearlessness and courage on your life today,”in Jesus’ Name.

REMEMBER THIS”: To be fearless is to keep company with God; to be fearful is to keep company with the devil.


1. Reject every attempt by the enemy to cast fear upon you.

2. Maintain the atmosphere of God’s Presence always.


PRAYER: Lord,”thank You for the privilege of sitting with You in the heavenly places far above principalities and powers. I fear nothing because You are in charge O! Lord, in Jesus’ Name. 

DAILY BIBLE READING”: Ruth 4 -1 Samuel 3.

QUOTE: The person who kneels before God will stand before anything. Culled from PRINCIPLES AND POWER OF PRAYER by Dr Paul Enenche. 

AMAZING FACT: A scorpion can have as many as 12 eyes,”the box jellyfish has 24, and bees have 5 eyes. 

TODAY IN HISTORY”: 22/02/1906: William Seymour arrived Los Angeles,”a journey that later brought about the Azusa Street Revival.

DON’T FORGET TO ATTEND”: The three Glory-filled Sunday Services by 6:00am,”8″:00am,”and 10″:00am tomorrow at the Dunamis Glory Dome,”the Lord’s Garden, Airport Road, Abuja. Endeavour to come to Church with your friends and loved ones. God bless you. 

PROPHETIC WORD/DECLARATION”: Receive the impartation of the spirit of boldness in Jesus’ Name. 


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