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[5/13, 2:39 AM] Pastor Emmanuel Oshevire: Today’s SOD – 2020-05-13

SCRIPTURE: Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1 Corinthians 15:33

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If you are doing nothing about your character,”you are doing nothing about your destiny. 

Yesterday, we were made to understand that character is existing in the realm of consistent positive action or behaviour.We also understood that what would market us in this life and in eternity is our character and that our character can speak for us in areas where certificate and beauty cannot speak for us.

Today, we want to look at the necessity of character, especially as it applies to our destiny. 

Now, why is character necessary?

Character determines destiny.

Your future hangs on your nature. Samson was a man of very high destiny which was prophesied from the womb of his mother. He was filled with the Spirit of God from the womb, a Nazarite. The Spirit of God moved on him at will. As a teenager, he would tear a lion with his bare hands. But he was not careful, he kept running from one prostitute to another until the final one arrested him. Delilah became his disaster (Judges 16″:20). Lack of character ruined his destiny. 

The devil is toying with the lives of many people because of lack of character. Your destiny,”your potential and life’s assignment are at the mercy of your character. If you are doing nothing about your character, then you are doing nothing about your destiny.  

My counsel is, work on your character. Character requires workmanship because we live in a world that is consistently confronting our character. We live in a generation where you need to watch your character consistently in order to avoid sin and a consequential eternity in hell. The Lord shall help us, in Jesus’ Name.

REMEMBER THIS”: If you are doing nothing about your character,”you are doing nothing about your destiny.  


1. Flee from every appearance of evil.

2. Avoid any action that will cause sin or guilt in your life.

PRAYER: Lord,”I ask for Your help to work on my character. Remove every stain and guilt of sin that tends to weigh me down, Lord in Jesus’ Name. 


QUOTE: The world hates you because you are not like them. Culled from CAREER AND WORKPLACE WISDOM by Dr Paul Enenche


AMAZING FACT: Starfish can re-grow their arms. In fact,”a single arm can regenerate a whole body.

PROPHETIC WORD/DECLARATION”: Grace to walk in the character that is worthy of destiny is released upon you in Jesus’ Name. 


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[5/13, 6:29 AM] Pastor Emmanuel Oshevire: An attitude adjustment (2)

Wednesday 13th May 2020

‘He changes times and seasons…He gives wisdom.’ Daniel 2:21 NIV

Realise that rough times won’t last forever. As surely as God created spring to follow winter, ‘He changes times and seasons…He gives wisdom’ (Daniel 2:21 NIV). The season of adversity you’re in will end. And when it does, you’ll glean from it the wisdom to build a better future. Sometimes your greatest blessings come from your most negative circumstances. Paul writes, ‘Our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever’ (2 Corinthians 4:17 NLT)! Tough times don’t last, but tough people do! Out of your greatest tests come your greatest testimonies.

Don’t make major decisions during a storm.Thoughts and feelings often run wild in the midst of a crisis; those are times when you need to be careful about making decisions. Remain calm, discipline yourself to focus on what you can do, and trust God to do what you can’t. Just as a pilot error can cause a plane to be diverted from its intended destination, or have to make a dangerous emergency landing, a bad decision can divert or delay you from reaching your destiny. Let your emotionssubside – before you decide. You may not always have that option, but as much as possible, put significant decisions on hold until your storm passes. Just as the wind blows about wildly during a storm, your thoughts can become wild and frantic, and that’s not the best time to make crucial assessments.

What should you do? Paul answers, ‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and…his peace will guard your hearts and minds’ (Philippians 4:6-7 NLT).

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[5/13, 6:29 AM] Pastor Emmanuel Oshevire: OPEN HEAVENS DAILY DEVOTIONAL



Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven. Daniel 2:19

READ: Daniel 2:1-19

1And in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams, wherewith his spirit was troubled, and his sleep brake from him.

2 Then the king commanded to call the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, for to shew the king his dreams. So they came and stood before the king.

3 And the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was troubled to know the dream.

4 Then spake the Chaldeans to the king in Syriack, O king, live for ever: tell thy servants the dream, and we will shew the interpretation.

5 The king answered and said to the Chaldeans, The thing is gone from me: if ye will not make known unto me the dream, with the interpretation thereof, ye shall be cut in pieces, and your houses shall be made a dunghill.

6 But if ye shew the dream, and the interpretation thereof, ye shall receive of me gifts and rewards and great honour: therefore shew me the dream, and the interpretation thereof.

7 They answered again and said, Let the king tell his servants the dream, and we will shew the interpretation of it.

8 The king answered and said, I know of certainty that ye would gain the time, because ye see the thing is gone from me.

9 But if ye will not make known unto me the dream, there is but one decree for you: for ye have prepared lying and corrupt words to speak before me, till the time be changed: therefore tell me the dream, and I shall know that ye can shew me the interpretation thereof.

10 The Chaldeans answered before the king, and said, There is not a man upon the earth that can shew the king’s matter: therefore there is no king, lord, nor ruler, that asked such things at any magician, or astrologer, or Chaldean.

11 And it is a rare thing that the king requireth, and there is none other that can shew it before the king, except the gods, whose dwelling is not with flesh.

12 For this cause the king was angry and very furious, and commanded to destroy all the wise men of Babylon.

13 And the decree went forth that the wise men should be slain; and they sought Daniel and his fellows to be slain.

14 Then Daniel answered with counsel and wisdom to Arioch the captain of the king’s guard, which was gone forth to slay the wise men of Babylon:

15 He answered and said to Arioch the king’s captain, Why is the decree so hasty from the king? Then Arioch made the thing known to Daniel.

16 Then Daniel went in, and desired of the king that he would give him time, and that he would shew the king the interpretation.

17 Then Daniel went to his house, and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions:

18 That they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret; that Daniel and his fellows should not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.

19 Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.


In today’s Bible reading, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream he couldn’t remember let alone interpret. So, he sought help from the wise men in his kingdom and set a death penalty for any who failed among them (Daniel 2:1-19).

When Daniel heard about the decree of the King, he wondered why he was so hasty to destroy the “think-tank” of the land. Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…” All the hasty plans of the devil concerning you and yours shall be destroyed today by divine intervention in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Daniel and his companions were faced with an insurmountable challenge humanly speaking but Daniel got a vision that resolved the predicament (Daniel 2:19). All we need to avert a looming disaster is a vision from God. Prevention is so much better than cure.

How do we become visionary children of God?

“That they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret; that Daniel and his fellows should not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.” Daniel 2:18

If we must get the vision like Daniel and his friends, we must pay the price of waiting upon the Lord according to His promise.

“Tell them therefore, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will make this proverb to cease, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel; but say unto them, The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision. ” Ezekiel 12:23

Beloved, surrender all to God and He will surely make His words come to pass in your life. Faithful and patiently wait on Him and you will become a man or woman of vision. With Godly vision, your destiny is secure and shall be fulfilled in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Prayerfully read Isaiah 40:31

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Psalm 32, 51, 86, 122



1. What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Ev’rything to God in prayer!
Oh, what peace we often forfeit,
Oh, what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer!

2. Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged,
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful,
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our ev’ry weakness,
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

3. Are we weak and heavy laden,
Cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Saviour, still our refuge,
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
In His arms He’ll take and shield thee,
Thou wilt find a solace there.

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