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[6:44 AM, 10/9/2019] 919063: Today’s SOD – 2019-10-09


SCRIPTURE: Beloved,”do not imitate what is evil, but what is good The one who does good is of God; the one who does evil has not seen God. 

3 John 1″:11

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Imitation is the foundation for limitation; to be the best,”you must be yourself.

Imitation is the copying of a pattern of activity or thought of a person.

From our anchor Scripture above, it is clear that there is an imitation that is good, void of offence and free of competitive jealousy. On the contrary, there is an imitation that is bad. This type of imitation tries to outdo, undo and outshine others. It is potent with competitive jealousy and strife.

The truth is, imitation is the foundation for limitation; the struggle to be like somebody is the reason for nobodies. Nothing brings out the best in you like being yourself. To be the best, you must be yourself; to be yourself is to beat the rest. 

Beloved, the fact that your neighbour is flourishing in kerosene business or real estate business does not mean God destined you to do same. That your neighbour relocated abroad and he is now doing well does not mean your destiny is to live abroad. Most people run to America thinking that once they get there, all their problems would be over. On the contrary, the problems of some of them even worsened.

The truth is, help is not abroad; help is above. Your allocation is not necessarily abroad; your allocation is connected to where God wants you to be per time. If God did not send you to Germany and you relocate there, you must jam needs there. If God did not send you to England and you relocate there, you won’t be glad there. And if God didn’t send you to Russia and you go there, you must rush back.

My counsel is, locate your God-ordained spot and remain there. You shall make it, in Jesus’ Name.

REMEMBER THIS”: Imitation is the foundation for limitation; to be the best,”you must be yourself.


1. Determine to be who God plans for you to be.

2. You can humbly follow the good examples of others but never follow anybody in the wrong direction no matter who they are.

3. Desire and strive to be like Jesus Christ ultimately.  


PRAYER”: Lord,”I thank You for Your Word to me today. Deliver me from the lifestyle of imitation and the struggle to be like everyone. Help me to be myself and to be the best in life Lord, in Jesus’ Name

QUOTE”: Imitation is the foundation for limitation; to follow the crowd is to be lost in the crowd. Culled from 365 Wisdom Capsule by Dr Paul Enenche

AMAZING FACT: A Rhino’s horn is not attached to its skull; it is compacted mass of hairs that continue to grow throughout the animal’s lifetime.

TODAY IN HISTORY:9/10/1824 Slavery is abolished in Costa Rica

DAILY READING: Jer. 12: 1to 14: 10,”1Thes 1″: to 2:8,”Ps. 79″:1 to 13,”Prov. 24″:30 to 34


PROPHETIC DECLARATION/WORD: The grace to be who God ordained for you to be in life is released upon you now in Jesus’ Name

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[6:44 AM, 10/9/2019] 919063: You can start again

Wednesday 9th October 2019

‘Though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.’ Proverbs 24:16 NIV

On the night of December 9, 1914, Edison Industries was destroyed by fire. The loss exceeded two million dollars, along with the majority of Thomas Edison’s work. He was insured only for $238 because the buildings were constructed of concrete, which was thought to make a building fireproof. At 67-seven years of age, the great inventor watched his life’s work go up in flames. The next morning after firefighters had finally brought the inferno under control, he surveyed his charred dreams and crushed hopes. As he looked at the scene, he said, ‘There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.’ Three weeks after the fire, Edison produced one of his greatest inventions: the first phonograph. Try to imagine the world of music and entertainment without it!

The Bible says, ‘For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes’ (Proverbs 24:16 NIV). With God on your side you can begin again because the power to do it resides within you. It’s the same power that raised Christ from the dead (see Romans 8:11). Paul prayed for believers at Ephesus: ‘That out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being’ (Ephesians 3:16 NIV). Where is your strength? ‘In your inner being.’ He continues: ‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us’ (Ephesians 3:20 NIV).

So the word for you today is – you can start again.

[6:44 AM, 10/9/2019] 919063: WISDOM FOR THE DAY
Wednesday, 9th October, 2019


“The posts went out, being hastened by the king’s commandment, and the decree was given in Shushan the palace. And the king and Haman sat down to drink; but the city Shushan was perplexed.”
Esther 3:15 KJV
It is God that has the deciding vote, not man. Wipe your tears because the siege is over. You are not going to crash!  You are going to land successfully. According to our text today, the dispatch riders went out in haste. Haman was in a hurry to accomplish his wickedness by the king’s decree. Thereafter, the king and Haman sat down. They plotted evil against God’s people and sat down to drink. Everything was sealed! That is how the devil functions. He wants to see us weep. He wants to see us lament. He wants to see us stranded. He takes delight in destroying what belongs to us.
But unknown to Haman, the hand of God was working underneath, just like He is working on your behalf now.  You may not know when and you may not know how but He will do it again. When Haman finished drinking, God now began to unfold His own plans. God began to work and miracles started taking place. And by the time everything was said and done, Haman and his entire family were wiped out. Haman himself was hanged on the same gallows, that was prepared for the execution of Mordecai. Not only was he hanged, his position was given to Mordecai. It is a dangerous thing to strive with a child of God.
Beloved, you are a ‘dangerous cargo.’ You must begin to understand how much heaven values you. You are not ordinary. That is why God paid the supreme price on your behalf. ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ (John 3:16 NKJV)
You are so valuable to God that He had to give His life! Who is that ‘Haman’ that will stop your destiny from manifesting? You are unstoppable.
Further Reading: Esther 6:1-10; 7:3-10
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Isaiah 32-33; Evening- Colossians 10
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[6:44 AM, 10/9/2019] 919063: Above Only Devotional

Wednesday, October 9

God is Building Capacity into You

Genesis 41:47-49 (GNB), John 14:12
During the…years of pIenty the land produced abundant crops all of which Joseph collected and stored in the cities. In each city he stored the food … There was so much grain that Joseph stopped measuring it – it was like the sand of the sea. *He that believeth on me,…greater work than these shall he do…

Theresare some very great responsibilities that God is currently preparing you for. There are positions of authority and influence that God wants to place you in, so that as you stand and manifest His glory in those positions, men will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. When Joseph stood before Pharaoh, he was bold and he manifested the glory and power of God. He was not moved by the ambience, splendor or the seemingly intimidating experience of standing before the king of one of the greatest nations at that time. Joseph knew that he was not there by himself but he was there to represent the King of kings and the Lord of lords. After Pharaoh told Joseph that no one had been able to interpret his dream but he had heard that Joseph could interpret it, Genesis 41:16, says, and Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace.

When Joseph was done boldly interpreting the dream, even Pharaoh knew that the Spirit of God was in him, Gen. 41:38. The Bible tells us that Joseph was thirty years old at this time, Gen. 41:46. Joseph was not moved or carried away by the fact that he was set over the entire land of Egypt and given so many gifts by Pharaoh. He did his work diligently and excellently. He did not just speak well before Pharaoh, he worked hard behind Pharaoh. The Bible says Joseph gathered corn so much that he could not count it anymore and he positioned Egypt on the world map as people came from all over the world to buy food from him in Egypt, Gen. 41:57. By the virtue of the Life of Christ in you, I see you doing even more than Joseph did.

Faith Declaration:
God Is building capacity into me. I shall do great exploits both nationally and internationally.


[6:45 AM, 10/9/2019] 919063: 🌲🌷 OPEN HEAVENS 🌷🌲
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Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.
Galatians 6:1

Bible Reading: John 8:1-11
1Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.

2 And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.

3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,

4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

There are many unpleasant prophesies about people’s attitude and character in the end times, which are bound to be fulfilled. It is the responsibility of every believer living in times as these to avoid the fulfilment of such prophecies in their lives. One of such properties is the abhorrent act of brother giving up brother to death and children rising up against their parents. The prophesies was given by the Lord in Matthew 10:21, which says:

“And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.”

Unfortunately, this is happening in the Body of Christ today. He then further said in Matthew 18:7
“ Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

Even though these prophesies of the Lord are bound to be fulfilled, do not allow them to be fulfilled in your life through your conduct and interpersonal relationship with the brethren. When an individual gives his life to Christ genuinely, he or she becomes a member of God’s family (john 1:12). All other believers in Christ become his or her brothers and sisters. In such a big and complex family, disagreements are bound to arise. A brother or sister may err and fall, but this should not be the end of their Christian journey. It is the responsibility of other members of the family to ensure that such precious souls and brought back to their feet in right standing with God.

Unfortunately, in these last days, instead of looking out to stabilize the weak and restore the fallen, some so-called brethren sit in judgement against other brethren. Some of them even mastermind the fall of fellow brethren, thereby fulfilling the Lord’s prophesies. Some other brethren do not cause the fall of others but watch out for faults in their lives in order to crucify them. Contrary to this attitude, the Holy Spirit admonishes us in today’s memory verse to work with every sense of humility towards restoring brethren who have fallen, understanding that we ourselves can be tempted and taken in our weaknesses. There are indeed modern-day Pharisees in the Church today. It is sad that brethren bury other brethren who are in spirit coma, instead of working to revive them of life. We must be like our Master who said in Luke 9:56a:

“For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.”

The Lord is speaking to those who have constituted themselves as accusers of other brethren to repent today. Are you one of such?

With the help of the Holy Spirit, make efforts to restore those who have erred and have fallen into sin.

1 Chronicle 21-22
Revelation 4


While passing thro’ this world of sin,
and others your life shall view,
Be clean and pure without, within;
Let others see Jesus in you.

Let others see Jesus in you,
Let others see Jesus in you.
Keep telling the story, be faithful and true;
Let others see Jesus in you.

2. Your life’s a book before their eyes,
They’re reading it thro’ and thro’
Say, does it point them to the skis,
Do others see Jesus in you?


3. Then live for Christ both day and night,
Be faithful, be brave and true,
and lead the lost to life and Christ.
Let others see Jesus in you.


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