Prayer point for the week 28/10/2019 to3/11/2011
[1].Ye the alter of conspiracy , jealousy, begging, rising and falling, disaster, family shame, deap, dryness, emptiness,Ps83v2-6,2sam15v31

[2].Oh lord arise and all Vail every mastery around my life and disgrace them Dan2v18-23

[3],Oh ye chine that have been use to tie than my life, family and finance’s Isa9 v4, act12v11

[4]. Oh ye stage personality that is working with me in the physical or dreams as a head over me as a boss, or leader or superior orderMatt4v24

I decree ye demons of delay, spirit of emptiness assign against you into the month of November the lord that choosing Jerusalem rebuke you handover and die in thy name of Jesus

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