Some of reason why somany struggling in life is as a result of their parent or personal pass an present error joel 3v3-9,Nahum3v1-4

Please i really want to beg you to patiently read this written Genesis 6v1-9,49v1-4
In our world today so many of our young brother’s and sisters desire to seek God leading or to reveal to them on whom to marry, without understanding what it take to receive from God, for somebody with sex mate seeking God for a life partner, will God give another one when u already have one performing the role of a wife or a husband or somebody u are dying for in your heart, it will be difficult because you are already loosing for where the wealth of a man is there’s his heart, either in dream or vision, you may likely see things in parable, if no personal relationship with God of how he show you things or hear him say things to you, you find it difficult, because you lack the understanding of his way of communicating thing to you, unless you have spiritual father’s who hear God to guide you right and if you are living in sin it keep you far from hearing him, For sin interrupt ur relationship with him & it may end you loosing his fellowship 1joh3v8,if you are right with him there is nothing you want to known that his spirit of God will not tell you 1cor2v9 to end Jeremiah 33v3
My Belove has it not come to your understanding that God hate sexual immorality 1cor6-15v19 that any woman man had sex they automaticaly become one, because before or after a man release his sperm,he draw out sperm from the woman,any where any of them is the other person is there
If the man/woman is a witch, when he is,manifesting witchcraft activities you are also involve because the two has become one and their sperm has been fused into one another. until one go for deliverance the power of sex covenant bind them and the two sperm is an object of respond, repesenting them in the spiritual realm which expose but to any form of manipulation
Secondly the sperm appear in the satanic alter enquiry in the kingdom of darkness where the devil have the record of every one that commit forniction or aduletry which the devil use in tomenting so many with barrness,spirit husband,eating in dream and also give access to the enemy of ones spirit man when one is under going delivrance, he or she most confess the sperson they had sex with and pleed the blood of Jesus to erase his or her blood from satanic alter of enquiry.

SEX IS SWEET.!!! – but danger lies in it

Most downfalls of men are caused by MULTIPLE girlfriends.

Sex is a spiritual encounter I stand to be corrected, not every girl has a good spirit,some are demon, some has poison in between their legs, some are killers and destiny destroyers, be careful. Worst is a man who can’t control his sexual urge.

A man who can control
his sexual urge is a man who can live many years on earth.

1. Having many girlfriends does not make you a man. It only makes you a womanizer and a cheat and a boy.
2. A real man has only one woman in his life.

3. For the fact that you are good in bed does not make you a man. A real man is the man who does not run away from his responsibility but faces it squarely.

4. You don’t need to sag your trousers and walk round the street before girls will love you. In fact it is only small boys that sag trousers and it is premature little girls that fall in love with men who sag trousers.

5. Don’t use and dump ladies. Remember the law of karma. Whatever you do, you will receive the reward.

6. If you cannot make her your wife, don’t make her a mother. If she can’t be your wife don’t sleep with her.

7. Do not obey your erection at all times. Most times our erections mislead us to the wrong direction. Control your erection. Don’t let your erection control you. If you don’t you will have few days on earth with much poverty on you. You may insult me but it doesn’t matter to me now, because am done telling you this.

8. It is not everything you see under skirt that you should hustle to eat, some skirts contain snakes that will bite you and leave you uncomfortable. Control your sex urge. Self control and abstinence in most cases pays a lot.

9. Do not date a lady because she has sexy curves, boobs and shapes. Those things are just packaging; and packaging can be very deceptive avoid such, don’t fall for whats called the irony of social Media.

10. Respect any lady that loves you. Yes, its not easy for a lady to throw her love on you and support your future.

11. Do not beat any woman, even if she is not your wife.

12. Real men don’t gossip. Learn to keep secret shared with you by any Lady that is what makes you a man enough to enjoy the comfort of a lady.

13. The world only celebrates successful men. Nobody will celebrate you for having many girlfriends. Therefore what is the benefit? Waste of energy and waste of protein.

14.Marrying a woman doesn’t mean she is your property, Treat her with respect ..Make her your queen,love her, honour her and give her a reason to treat you the same. Remember, what you give is what you get.

Finally Don’t be a cheating man. You’re losing life. You think you are playing the game and winning, but you are actually losing. You can get over on some women but you can’t fool your Creator.

You will reap what you sow, so you better start trying to grow good things. Jumping from one woman to another doesn’t make you a man. Being honest, loyal & faithful.


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