MATT2V12,19-21 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way. So many people have lost their lives by being in a wrong location, eventuality occurred and they lost properties some even lost their life. The above verses teach us how God in his wisdom ask Mary and Joseph to take baby Jesus out of his own nation (Israel) to a strange land (Egypt) Jesus the son of God that control the whole word God could asking his parent to move him over night then who are you to resist the instruction for divine relocation. I have heard people saying they have the warranty to stay anywhere in the world and they will prosper friend don’t tempt God neither try yourself
Hear my own experience on this, in my thirties I was in the (Redeem Christian Church Of God) as a worker assistance prayer bound coordinator in my area headquarters, in the morning I go to the market to preach the remain part of the day is for prayers with visitation all in the city of Warri Delta state Nigeria. But deep inside me i know I am to be in the village preaching the gospel after He ask me to give my okada (motorcycle) to the church my sources of income at that time which I did and I later secure an option job that I can get myself fixed marry, have a car that the ministry journey may be easy not to suffer the hardship my father went through as a pastor in view of this I join my friend to his sister’s house to carry a center table glass that end up cutting my right hand with great damage that I all most lost my life and I could not go for that job and I am suffering the damage on my hand even though I later obeyed. So beloved if you received instruction of job or any form of relocations please do it without delay or resistance take correction now than waiting for your experience remain bless in Christ Jesus s a
1. Ye dark coverage covering my life with issues to becloud me from seeing through, you are a liar, I am a light and I overcome you by the blood of Jesus and shine forth through the spirit of the lord. Rev 12: 11, 2 Cor 3- 17
2. Father open my eyes of understanding to comprehend the specific assignment you have for me in life.
3. Ye power, authorities assigned to ruined my understanding to turn upside down for me to suffer, misunderstand issues, acting before thinking you are liar catch fire and die, and ye my eyes of understanding be enlighten in the name of Jesus

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